Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

In order that we may offer a safe property selection process, we must maintain a very wide and substantial number of property within our Mediterranean portfolio.

We therefore offer resales, new build and pipeline stock. We carry property in virtually all styles and locations as follows:

Sea and mountainside

Villages, towns and cities

Modern, traditional and contemporary.

Community projects large and small and private dwellings

Studios, apartments and penthouses

Single dwelling estates and multi unit estates

Refurbishments and development situations

Investment and rentable properties

All values from the lowest entry level of £6,500 up to several million pounds


Gold Star Selection, assist buyers to create a short list of potential property in order that a final decision is easily made. We focus not on your day one emotions but on the future investment value of your property.


It is important that all property that we add to our portfolio, passes our strict Gold Star test.

  • Value for money
  • Views
  • Build quality
  • Rent ability
  • Clean title and paperworke
  • Access
  • Local facilities
  • Future investment potential

Property is an illiquid asset

Property is an illiquid asset and therefore future saleability is essential to consider. The more desirable a property, the better built and the more current and future competition and supply is considered, the more likely the property will sell more easily in the future if required.

Gold Star In All Our Offices

This is why we are proud of our Gold Star test which must be applied by all our offices throughout The Mediterranean. This is how we ensure that we only offer our buyers the widest choice but from the best and trouble free properties available at the time of purchase.

Top Properties

Of The Week

3 Bedroom Apartment by The SeaNorth Cyprus

Price £147,000

Apartment \ 105 m2

2 Bedroom Apartment by The SeaNorth Cyprus

Price £115,000

Apartment \ 85 m2

One bedroom apartmentNorth Cyprus

Price £50,000

Apartment \ 60 m2

Studio by the seaNorth Cyprus

Price £31,900

Apartment \ 27 m2

Studio in Famagusta areaNorth Cyprus

Price £34,950

Apartment \ 38 m2

2 bedroom apartment in ZeytinlikNorth Cyprus

Price £69,500

Apartment \ 62 m2

Apartment by the seaNorth Cyprus

Price £55,000

Apartment \ 53 m2

StudioNorth Cyprus

Price £33,500

Apartment \ 46 m2

Studio North Cyprus

Price £33,000

Apartment \ 41 m2

NC1353North Cyprus

Price £249,000

House \ 227 m2

Traditional VillaNorth Cyprus

Price £219,000

House \ 220 m2

NC1352North Cyprus

Price £219,000

House \ 220 m2

Panoramic view apartmentNorth Cyprus

Price £169,900

Apartment \ 105 m2

NC0226North Cyprus

Price £99,950

Apartment \ 75 m2

NC0227North Cyprus

Price £129,950

Apartment \ 105 m2

NC1113North Cyprus

Price £129,950

Apartment \ 105 m2

NC1317North Cyprus

Price £68,500

Apartment \ 52 m2

NC1330North Cyprus

Price £75,000

Apartment \ 56 m2

NC0151North Cyprus

Price £142,950

Apartment \ 90 m2

NC0207North Cyprus

Price £300,000

House \ 316 m2

NC85North Cyprus

Price £33,500

Apartment \ 42 m2

1 bedroom apartment in MahmutlarTurkey

Price €29,545

Apartment \ 55 m2